Whether you’re managing a hospital, outpatient facility or medical office building a clean facility reduces the risk of Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI) to patients.  A clean medical facility has higher ratings, which can lead to more business, and profitability. We have a flexible cleaning plan and its tailor made to meet your needs as follows.

  1. Regular Cleaning
  • Daily
  • Monthly
  1. Wash room hygiene:
  • Provision and regular changing of sanitary bins
  • Provision of liquid hand soap dispensers
  • Provision of consumables such as toilet paper, hand towels, liquid soaps, air fresheners and sanitizers
  1. Waste Management:-
  • Daily/regular of hazardous waste collection
  • Confidential waste distraction services
  1. Fumigation and Pest Control: Our pest control service ensures your peace of mind as we take care of your pest problems using eco-friendly products.
  2. Landscaping and Gardening:
  • Maintenance of indoor and outdoor plants
  • Replanting and pruning of flowers and other plants