Designed to suit the construction industry cleaning & hygiene needs.

Making structural improvements to your home, office building or a whole new venue, takes in a huge investment of your time and resources. It’s an exciting time when the construction workers start collecting their tools and packing up because you have been patiently waiting for the completion of the project so as to start using the new space. But, there’s only one issue, after they leave the place is still a mess and the project is not complete without a thorough cleaning for the final presentation.

A clean construction area is safe for workers and it makes the construction process more efficient. Above all, surfaces need to be cleaned to install cubicles, windows, doors, flooring or wall covering.

Most people think that only big projects require post-construction cleaning services, but that’s simply not the case. A bathroom renovation project needs scrubbing down just like an entire office building. We’re happy to offer our services no matter the size of the job. From newly built offices to a new classroom addition.

Our ujenzi clean service does not entail a quick pick up of trash and a half-hearted sweeping; it’s a meticulous full clean. We get into areas you wouldn’t even think of to ensure that your new area is not only clean, but spotless.  Our team is trained to handle even the most difficult cleaning conditions without causing any kind of damage and they will complete the task at the agreed time.

Our ujenzi clean up service includes:-

  • Debris removal
  • High dust cleaning
  • Floors
  • Surfaces
  • Tiles and walls
  • Fitting and Fixtures.
  • Bathroom & Toilets:
  • Vacuum carpet and carpet cleaning incase of any spots or dirt.
  • & more

Our team is available 24 hours a day at your convenience this is to ensure minimal disruption to the daily running of your business.